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Posted by admin on 30th October 2008 in General, Interactive, Technical


As announced under the codename “Strata” during PDC 2008, now with its official title “Azure”, Microsoft will send its own OS into the cloudy sky, to be the next player amongst already proven and mighty concurrents like Google, Amazon and IBM. So it is considered being a walk on the fine line of success for Microsoft as well as a needed step off the growing pressure of open and free products onto its flagships like Windows or Office. Like the others in the cloud Azure addresses developers by providing on demand solutions with hosting space and computing power as the base for their applications. Amongst propriety components like its own ASP.NET Microsoft will provide other programming language environments like PHP and Python. Common protocols are supported as well as the common data exchange formats REST, SOAP, RSS and AtomPub. Another great way to deal with applications, that don’t want to care about hosting and hardware administration issues or to react on sudden demands by themselves to scale due to an exploding popularity.


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